Defond joins the <National Technical Committee on Electrical Accessories of Standardization Administration of China>

Defond was invited to the 7th session meeting of The Electrical Accessories of Standardization Administration of China – Appliances and Switches Sub-committee. The meeting was held in Wuhan on November 12 and 13, 2019, with 88 committee members and representatives participated.

The future appliances switches standard was discussed. Committee director made a report over the Sub-Committee’s work in 2019, and reviewed the national standard <GB/T 15092.1 Appliances Switches Part 1, General Requirements draft> and industry standard <NB/T Switches of Battery Driven Appliances And Equipment Part 2-1: Special Requirements of Power Tool Switches>. The sub-committee approved both standards and agreed to submit to the main committee.

Meanwhile, deputy committee director reported next year plan and lead the discussion on <IEC 61058/GB/T 15092> standard. With enthusiastic participation of all attending committee members, all scheduled tasks were successfully accomplished.

(November 2019)