We design and supply high-quality components for world-leading automotive brands.

One-stop Solution
from Design to Manufacturing

As a fully integrated subsidiary of Defond, BJA is perfectly positioned to provide reliable and cost-effective R&D and manufacturing services to global automotive brands.

With an emphasis on reliability and durability, BJA is committed to providing outstanding product offerings and helping our customers transform innovative design concepts into superior quality and competitive products.

With more than 40 years’ experience in automotive and manufacturing, BJA’s engineering and supply chain teams are highly agile in adopting fast-changing technologies in software, mechanics & electronics as well as managing rapidly changing global trends.

Product Range



Fast Delivery and Full Support

With a comprehensive and highly efficient manufacturing process and management, Defond is capable of quick delivery in a short time. From the selection process to line operation, we provide customers with on-site operating instructions and thorough after-sales support. 

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