Company News

Oct 2022

Breakthrough: IP67 Rocker Switch

The general practice of most switches manufacturers is to add an external protective shell on a Rocker Switch for waterproof and dustproof purpose. Such design makes the switch bulky with an unpleasant operational feel.

Defond successfully made a breakthrough in design to tackle this challenge, presenting the patented GRT series IP67 Rocker Switch. 

By separating the upper actuation part and the lower conductive part with rubber seal, no external protective shell is required to prevent foreign objects from entering, thus allowing a compact design and a pleasant operational feel. 

IP67 rocker-英文.jpg

This innovative design is suitable for home appliances and power tools applications that often operate in high humidity, high temperature or dusty environment. 

Defond is committed to providing innovative solutions to constantly meet customers’ needs, making continuous improvement to help them to stay ahead of competition.