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Electrical safety, protect your home. Explore Defond DMC series micro switches

As the weather gets colder, high-power home appliances such as heaters and electric blankets will be switched on. The instantaneous current of high-power home appliances can reach 8-10 times of the conventional current, easily causing the switch to ignite. Therefore, the safety and reliability of the switch is required.


Defond has been keeping consumers safe for 40 years. Our premium quality electrical safety switches protect your home appliances against electrical hazards.Defond DMC series are durable  and can accommodate large, the best choice for high-power home appliances and power tools. 
Safety That Is Empowering

Unique design, improving durability
With more than 40 years switch manufacturing experience, Defond DMC series adopt unique contact design and coating. The arc extinguishing curve is optimized to reduce the duration of the arc and improve  durability.

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Arc is a gas discharge phenomenon, and the instantaneous spark generated by the current passing through some insulating medium (such as air) will cause harm to home appliances. Generally, a high-voltage arc will be generated when a circuit with a load is turned on and off. The greater the load, the higher the arc voltage and the greater the danger, so the arc extinguishing ability is very important.
In addition, DMC adopts the multi-channel bending process of static parts, which increases the overall heat dissipation area, reduces temperature increase, increases over current capability, and increases the serviceable life. The maximum carrying current of DMC can reach 20A, greater than the 16A industry standard.

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Temperature rise refers to the phenomenon that the surface temperature and internal temperature of the electrical appliance gradually increase due to heat dissipation and the temperature increase of the surrounding environment when the electrical appliance is running. The long-term operation of home appliances in a hot environment will accelerate the aging of machinery. This will reduce the useful life of the machine.

Strict selection of materials, withstand high loads
Plastic: High temperature resistant thermosetting material is used to effectively avoid high temperature softening and deformation when working with high current. Under high load, the dielectric strength cannot break down the insulating material to avoid the failure of the whole machine. The fire rating can reach V0, which is the highest fire rating in UL94.
Flammability UL94 rating is the most widely used standard for flame resistance  of plastic materials. It is used to evaluate the ability of a material to be extinguished after being ignited. There are many ways to judge according to the burn speed, burn time, anti-drip ability and whether the drip bead burns.

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Shrapnel: Imported beryllium copper sheet is used, which has high strength, elasticity, hardness, fatigue strength. In addition, Defond's shrapnel is also silver-plated, which makes it more reliable.

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Contacts: Double-layer composite silver nails are used, and the contacts are made of silver alloy material, with good oxidation resistance, and the switch can be used over 100,000 times.

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Certifications, safety guaranteed
DMC is in line with international safety standards, including UL, CSA, CQC and ENEC.

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Defond is the first company in the Asia-Pacific region to obtain UL61058 CTDP (Customer Test Data Program), and the test report issued by Defond’s laboratory is recognized by UL .At the same time, Defond was awarded the CQC A-class Enterprise in 2019, with multiple guarantees in terms of safety and quality.


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A variety of structures are available to match the terminal safety design
DMC can provide a variety of structural designs, which perfectly match the design of the terminal product to ensure the safe operation of the whole machine.
1. Different operating forces and lever lengths are available
2. Optional NO, NC or NO+NC circuit
3. Optional 6.3x0.8mm, 4.8x0.8mm, 4.8x0.5mm push-in terminal or solder wire terminal or PCB pin terminal



Operating Position

50-100gf 150-280gf 300-600gf



Protection Level

V0 Fire Rating

Insulation Resistance


Contact Resistance



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