Core Competencies


Continuous innovation and improvement

Shorten your time to market, minimize overall cost and attaining superior quality through our extensive experience in product development, manufacturing knowhow, software and firmware development, as well as exceptional project and supply chain management.

ODM Solution Provider

Defond is a trusted ODM / JDM partner that offers design engineering, software & hardware development, testing & validations, to VA / VE support. 


40+Years of Expertise in Making Electronic Component

With over 40 years of expertise, Defond provides the world's top customers with all kinds of high quality, high standard switches and electronic integration module solutions, including AC/DC switches, electronic control, micro switches, sensors, integration module, electrical module, battery management module, brushless DC module, carbon brush and customized products.

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R&D Center

Defond's innovation and progress are driven by our passion for technological advancement that ensures the most innovative & effective solutions for our customers.

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Manufacturing Capability

Defond's automated production and data management system consists of customized software and robots, which greatly improve our production efficiency and flexibility, while maintaining high product quality standard.

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Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 enables Defond to successfully transform from a traditional manufacturing company to a technology company, and establish a highly flexible, customizable and digitized production model.

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Quality Management

Defond is committed to high quality and high standard production methods to meet all types of customer needs and requirements.

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