Company News

Feb 2023

Embracing Innovation: Defond Showcases Sensing Technology at Smart Manufacturing Summit 2023

Dongguan Robotic Industries Association and Dongguan Machine Vision Industry League jointly hosted the Machine Vision Development Summit Forum and the 2023 Intelligent Manufacturing Industry Summit on February 23, 2023. As a member of the association, Defond was cordially invited to attend this grand meeting.


Prominent figures including government officials, industry experts, scholars and researchers from the field of intelligent manufacturing gathered together in the summit to explore the development trajectory, opportunities, and challenges in the areas of robot and machine vision, attracting a wide attention from all walks of life. More than 400 participants joined the meeting.



Defond showcased its latest sensing technology in the exhibition area and provided guests with detailed explanations and practical experiences. Aiming to foster in-depth dialogues and offer innovative and reliable services in the field of intelligent manufacturing, Defond will continue to make unremitting efforts to promote the high-quality development of Dongguan manufacturing industry.