Company News

Apr 2023

Defond Chairman Mr. Wilson Chu's Visionary Insights on Thriving in Global Ambiguity at MIT Asia Business Conference

Defond's Chairman, Mr. Wilson Chu, was recently invited by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to be a panel speaker at the MIT Asia Business Conference. The conference is one of the largest Asia-focused student-run conferences in the US, and its goal is to showcase best-in-class speakers, highlight the latest Asian development, and bridge the Asian, Asian-American, and Greater Boston Communities. This year's theme focused on how Asian companies have survived and will continue to thrive amidst looming global economic uncertainties. 

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Mr. Chu's speech on the history of manufacturing industry development in Asia and the latest technology applications in Defond's manufacturing portfolio was highly appreciated by MIT and its listeners. He emphasized the need for Asian enterprises to invest time and resources in offsetting recent challenges such as inflation and supply-chain shortage. The conference was well-supported by over 30 speakers and 350+ attendees, paving the way for the next generation of business leaders to explore key business challenges, practices, and innovations affecting Asia and the world. We are honored that Mr. Chu represented Defond at this inspiring event, which grows and inspires the next generation.


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