Company News

Jun 2023

Defond Honored with Manufacturing Individual Champion 2023

Recently, Defond was successfully selected and awarded the 7th batch of China's Manufacturing Individual Champion 2023 announced by China Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and China Federation of Industrial Economics.


Defond was invited to participate in the "Experience Exchange Conference 2023 for Manufacturing Individual Champion Enterprises" and the Award Ceremony held in Jining, Shandong Province.


Manufacturing Individual Champion is the most valuable and the highest honor in China's manufacturing industry. Thanks to Defond management team’s great support, with strong comprehensive strength and cutting-edge innovative technology, Defond is honored with Manufacturing Individual Champion 2023, and our power tool switches have won Manufacturing Individual Champion Product. It is reported that Defond's power tool switch production capacity accounted for 12.43% of the global market share in 2021, ranking first in the world. This is a solid proof of our leading role in the industry.


Manufacturing Individual Champion refers to leading enterprises long-term focusing on specific segments of the manufacturing industry with advanced technology in an international leading level and a single product (service) market share that ranks top in the world, representing the highest level and the strongest strength in the global manufacturing segment market.