Company News

Jun 2023

“Go Further, Fly Higher” Defond Supplier Day 2023 to Open a New Chapter for Cooperation Ahead

Defond Supplier Day 2023, with the theme “Go Further, Fly Higher”, was held in Dongguan on June 29th. This is the first gathering with our supplier partners since the COVID-19 pandemic. Defond management team attended this grand conference, together with more than 100 supplier leaders to discuss how to meet challenges and seize opportunities in the current complex global environment. 


Defond Chairman Mr. Wilson Chu delivered an opening speech for the conference. He appreciated the trust and support from the suppliers in past years, especially during the pandemic time. Meanwhile, he spoke highly of the dedication and efforts by the Strategy Sourcing Department (SS). The Strategy Sourcing team had overcome many difficulties to ensure the raw materials supply for manufacturing. He sincerely hoped to work hand in hand with suppliers to embark on a new journey.


Defond CEO Mr. Richard Or introduced the company overview and strategy development in the future. Due to volatile economic environment, he forecasted a slight sales decline in 2023. However, with the end of the pandemic, adjustment of international economic and political policies, and Defond’s agile response to market’s need, we believed that we would have a significant rebound and growth for sales in 2024. He looked forward to sharing resources with supply chain partners for deeper collaboration, getting ready for the new round market growth.

Supplier Conference bu head speech.jpg

Then head leader from Business Units (BU) introduced department business and analyzed industrial dynamics and trends. Two senior engineers from Research and Development Department (RD) presented the R&D capability and cutting-edge technology. We were also honored to have invited two special guests from The University of Hong Kong and The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology to share their valuable experience.


The speech by Vice-president of Strategy Sourcing Department Ms. Cindy Lam brought a perfect ending to the conference. She introduced strategies to meet challenges for supply chain management and seize opportunities to create a brand new win-win cooperation!


The Defond Supplier Day 2023 was a big success and enhanced mutual trust, dialogue and collaboration. We look forward to our next reunion in harvest time!