Company News

Nov 2023

Defond Awarded “Top 500 Enterprises in Guangdong Manufacturing Industry”, Ranking 167 for Year 2023

Defond has been awarded “Top 500 Enterprises in Guangdong Manufacturing Industry” for 10 consecutive years, ranking 167 in the list for year 2023, setting a new record high for Defond since its first award in 2013.

广东省制造业500强牌匾2023 高清版.png

The "Top 500 Manufacturing Enterprises in Guangdong Province" is ranked based on each company’s business, global status, operational capability, quality management, green development level, R&D investment, and more. Experts from the Research Institute of Industrial Economics of Jinan University, Guangdong Provincial Manufacturing Industry Association, as well as the Guangdong Provincial Development and Reform Institute are all responsible for evaluation each company’s ranking.

As a prominent presence in the manufacturing industry in Guangdong Province, Defond remains steadfast in our commitment to advancing innovation and sustainability. Through the continual introduction of cutting-edge technologies and optimization of production processes to meet the ever-evolving demands of the market, we continue to collaborate with our partners to drive sustainable business growth. We extend our sincere appreciation to the industry for their unwavering support and recognition.