Company News

Jan 2024

Defond was awarded the title of 'High Value Trademark Brand in Guangdong Province', reaffirming the brand strength

Defond has just been awarded the title of High Value Trademark Brand of Guangdong Province due to our excellent brand strength and influence. 


Defond is one of the most influential enterprise in the industry, committed to building a high-quality, high-value brand image. Our strong brand image and market reputation are highlighted through continuous innovation, improvement in product research and development, and quality control. The title of High Value Trademark Brand of Guangdong Province reaffirms our marketing strategy and encourages future development.
We will continue to prioritize quality service, enhance our  brand value and market competitiveness, satisfy customers with even better products and services, fulfill our own  social responsibility to promote sustainable industry development, and contribute to society's prosperity and growth. 


We at Defond expresses our gratitude to all our customers, partners, and employees for their unwavering support and trust.  It is our commitment to hard work and dedication has enabled us to achieve remarkable results, Moving forward, we will strive to keep making significant contributions to the industry's development.